4 Activities That Could Lead to Ligament Sprains or Tears

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When it comes to muscle tears and sprains, it’s not just about age or a fragile constitution. All it takes is one over-enthusiastic sprint for one of our ligaments to give out.

Muscle injuries can be traumatic for your body, and take a long time to heal. This is why it’s important that we take proper care not to overwork our bodies, so we don’t have to suffer for it later!

Here are four activities that call for a bit of caution!

1.     Exercising and Working Out

Especially if you’ve just started working out, you’ll want to be sure that you’re not overworking yourself. HIIT and intense routines after a long hiatus put undue pressure on your underworked muscles, which, like a stiff rubber band, tear or bruise if you go all out. Before working out, always consult a professional physical trainer so you can try a fitness program that suits your body.


2.     Chores and Activities

While this does not give you a reason to excuse yourself from housework, it justifies the need to take things slow. Activities like painting your home’s exterior, cleaning the gutters, washing the car all involve awkward positions or repetitive motions that strain your body and can potentially cause an injury. Every 30 minutes or so, take a break for five minutes, stretch your arms and legs, and perhaps let your muscles rest before starting again.


3.     Long Trips

Road trips and plane rides are no fun for people who suffer from muscle stiffness and soreness. The human body is not designed to sit in one position with limited movement for a long time. So whether your trip is for 2 hours or more, you have to take precaution either way or risk lower back pain and tight hamstrings.


Note: buy a lumbar support pillow, wear compression socks. Use cold and hot therapy when needed. And be prepared!

4.     Gardening and Lawn Work

Just as how painting your home and cleaning the gutters can overstretch your muscles, low-level work like gardening can strain your body as well.

Gardening is difficult if you already suffer from lower back pain. Activities such as digging and shoveling, in particular, push your spine out of alignment. You remain hunched over, leaning forward. So when you sit up straight, those twisted muscles strain further and start aching.


Note: Always get help when lifting heavy bags, and bend with your knees, not your waist when picking something up.

Do You Have an Injury?

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