Beat the Heat Without Risking Your Feet: Self-Care Tips to Remember During Summer Months

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It’s summer. The birds are chirping loudly. You are sitting on the sun-kissed park bench. Children are playing tag and you want the time to stop so that you can be in this moment forever. Does this sound like the summer of the place where you live? Absolutely, not. This description can only be found in romance novels and no place else.

We know how summer in Miami looks like. The entire place literally burns and you pant uncontrollably in search of water. This unbearable heat means that you have to take care of your body to stay healthy. Many people, when taking care of themselves, don’t pay enough attention to their feet. You would be surprised to know the many problems that your feet may encounter if they are not taken care of well.

Here are some tips that can help you take care of your feet in the summer season. Follow them religiously to avoid any feet-related problem and have healthy feet.

1. Wear the Right Shoes

Closed shoes in summer can increase perspiration which leads to fungal infection. This is why it is advisable to change into open shoes during summer. But, what about those who work? It is a big challenge for people whose workplace expect employers to follow a certain dress code.


Many companies require employers to wear closed shoes. If you face the same challenge, here is one thing you can do. During your one-hour-long break time, take off your shoes so that you can provide some air to your feet.

2. Wear Socks

In summer, it seems virtually impossible to wear a pair of socks. For you, an additional layer of clothing will make you burn in the heat. But, you should know that the socks actually protect you from the blisters that you can get because of prolonged contact with the skin of the shoes. You can go with acrylic and synthetic blend socks as they help reduce perspiration.

3. Avoid Walking Barefoot

In the hot weather, you want the bare minimum piece of clothing clinging on to your body. When you are outdoors or even in your backyard, you may tend to walk barefoot. But this may lead to serious foot injuries. In addition, you are also at great risk of developing warts on your feet’s sole. You don’t want to deal with ringworm, plantar warts, or any other infection. Whenever you are outside, always make sure that you are wearing shoes.


4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water doesn’t only help you ward off acne, headaches, or dizziness, but it also helps you keep down the swelling on your foot. Keep your body hydrated and drink as much water as you can.


5. Keep Your Shoes Dry

If your shoes and socks get wet due to any reason, you should take them off immediately and dry them. Put them on when they are completely dry.

This step is essential to protect yourself from any sort of fungal inspection that can be caused by wet shoes.

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