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How Do You Know if You Need Foot Surgery?

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From standing to walking, our feet are an essential part of our lives. And while occasional soreness and mild discomfort are to be expected—considering how much we use them—serious injuries and fractures warrant immediate medical attention.

Foot and ankle pain can be daunting to deal with, especially when the causes are unknown and the pain is at its worst. But whether it’s a deformity, a disease, or a painful foot injury, surgery should never be the first option!

Let’s take a look at what cases do warrant surgery:


Arthritis is a painful disease to endure and might require surgical treatment. The 3 major types of arthritis that affect the foot and ankle and are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and posttraumatic arthritis. They all require expert podiatric diagnosticians to select the right surgical procedure and method to reduce pain temporarily.

Foot Fracture

Although casting is done for most minor fractures, more pain-intensive fractures require an operation to help you heal effectively. The breaking of bones calls for surgery to have them realigned. This helps reduce pain as well as future risks.
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Dealing with foot deformities can be extremely challenging, as even walking can produce excruciating pain. Consider bunions; small bumps on the big toe. These mere bumps can be a huge hurdle in your daily life and might require a medical procedure. Now although bunions, when less severe, can be treated with drugstore inflammatory medicines. Severe cases require a surgical route because of the extreme pain involved.

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