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Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries

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While physical activity and sports have multidimensional benefits for both adults and youth, increased participation may lead to injuries. The occurrence of acute, overuse and repetitive injuries is positively correlated to the number of tournaments, practice sessions, the intensity of the game and the level of competition.

Players need to actively engage in prevention measures to reduce the chances of overuse injuries. Here are the most effective ways to practice prevention.

  1. Stretch: Conditioning exercises help your body adjust to repetitive motions that you may have to use during the play.

If you’re playing at a professional level, work with your physical trainer and build an exercise regimen that helps your muscles relax and strengthens it at the same time.

  1. Be Flexible: While exercise keeps your muscles conditioned, stretching helps you increase your body’s flexibility. Make stretching a regular part of your exercising routine.
  2. Gear Up: Safety equipment is crucial for protection against any blunt forces and falls. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, mouth guard and even eyewear are imperative to your safety.
  3. Work on Technique: One of the biggest contributors to sports-related injuries is the use of wrong technique or body movement while playing. If you’re still learning how to play, make sure that you’re not overdoing it without understanding the right movements.
  4. Hydrate: While water itself won’t prevent any injury, it can prevent you from passing out and getting hurt due to dehydration. Keep yourself cool and hydrated especially when temperatures are high.
  5. Take Breaks: Your coach will ensure that you’re taking plenty of breaks during practice. Even if you’re passionate about the game and want to keep going, you get benched if you develop an injury due to overexertion; manage rest periods during play.
  6. Rest: Time off from training—just for a day or two—and allow your body to recover from the constant activity.


We understand that sports are a passion for many but your health comes before anything. As a young athlete, focus on your physical and mental health. Often, injuries are unavoidable and can happen even with all the prevention. In that case, your focus should be on healing and recovery.

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